Life Event Planning

Allow us to remove some of the burden of an already difficult situation via life insurance and other means

One of the most stressful events that can happen is the death of a partner or spouse.  Knowing that they are supported financially can remove some of the burden out of an already difficult situation.  Life insurance can provide a cost-effective means of providing security for your

Most of us have savings, but if something happened would you have enough to fund all your household expenses? An income protection policy is designed to provide a monthly benefit in the event of death or even serious illness, helping your family at such a stressful time.

As most parents can testify, collecting and ferrying children, cooking, doing the household chores and shopping are jobs, which simply must be done, with no pay reward in sight! Yet if one parent became critically ill, have you considered the impact on your family’s life? There are several ways to safeguard against this with insurance policies like a critical illness policy. At Sage Independent, we offer unbiased advice that is tailored to suit you.

As with Investments, Sage Independent offers an initial free consultation. Following this, we produce a retirement strategy for your consideration. Once we have agreed how we can help you achieve your retirement goals, we will outline any fees payable to provide the advice and manage your portfolio.

Sometimes retirement planning can be made better by releasing the equity from your home and this is also an area where we can provide advice.

For life event planning in Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol and Bridgwater, call us on 01934 647 888

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